December Association Minutes

Date:  Dec 7, 2023                Minutes Recorded By:  D. Clark, sec

Call to Order: 19:                 By: Joe K, prez.

Pledge of Allegiance Called By:  Silas M

Roll Call: Volunteers on Roster:  30                       Volunteers in Attendance:  22

      Special Guests:   None


Reading of Previous Minutes:  Corrections:  None

Approval Motion by: Leabo             Seconded by: Guy     Approved (Y/N):  Y


Treasurer’s Report:

Beginning Balance:   $ 33,473.67                            Approval Motion by:  Leabo

            Deposits:                                   0.00                             Seconded by:  Guy M

            Expenses:                            641.09                                         Approved (Y/N):  Y

            Cash on Hand                      279.15

            Ending Balance:          $ 32,832.58


Committee Reports:

  • Website: Awesome
  • Facebook: Uhh, still going
  • Shirt: See Speedy
  • Jacket: Sign up for original heavy jacket if necessary
  • Truck: No news
  • Bylaws:  No news
  • Safety: Stick around after the business meeting.


Station Representative Reports:                                                                               

Sta. 51:  Cleaner than ever

Sta. 52:  Yes, allis in order

Sta. 53:  Building is up, but is in the wrong place (next door); the slab will be poured on Monday

Sta. 54:  Looking pretty great and splendiforous




Old Business:

  • Need an ice machine at Oakville, Sta 54. Again. Not likely.
  • Breakfast: over $1700 taken in, which is very good
  • Election results:         Prez: Speedy


Sec: Dave C

Treas: Mike M

Station Reps:

51: Nickel

52: Cody

53: Dave

54: John C


Tailtwisters: Cody, Andy, Sam F


New Business:

  • Dinner sign-ups are going around, be an activist and feed others
  • CJ asked about buying a simulator for the lifepacks; Sean stated that the current lifepacks will be replaced. Any motion about it tabled for now.
  • Need new serving equipment for the big breakfasts; CJ knows of a source, he and Guy will research what we need and bring it to the next meeting.
  • Voting for annual awards took place. Results will be announced in January at the banquet.



  • Xmas party: Get at Sta 51 at 5:30; food at 6:00; do the Gift Exchange and/or the Ugly Sweater Contest. Almost everyone present tonight will attend.
  • First Responder Night: Jan 27, 3:00 for girls basketball, boys at 4:30, at Central Linn HS. Get there in uniform and get recognized.
  • Thanks for those attending the Light Parade.
  • Meeting minutes are online and posted on the kitchen bulletin board. If you miss a meeting, please read the minutes in either of these places so you know what is going on.

Staff Reports:

Training Officer:

  • Get your OSHA training finished (online) done asap.
  • HAZMAT this weekend. Dalton, Mike A, DJ, Levi will attend
  • ERT Academy starting on Monday and can use help, 7-3:00 daily. Consider volunteering.
  • TB testing needs to be done, do it


Fire Chief:

  • Thank you for the parade helpers
  • Calls monthly and annual: 24/33, 298/350
  • Happy Birthday to you know who, Travis sure doesn’t know (Sean’s fault)
  • Thanks for the b’fast set up and help on Saturday;
  • Thanks for coming in to get the photos done
  • Station 53, allegedly pouring slab on Monday. We can stay in 53.5 longer, no problem
  • Week after Xmas Sean and Travis will coordinate absences.
  • OSHA report: rules have been checked, procedures solidified and equipment set up and we will be checked/interviewed on Monday.


Good of the Order:  $ 16.25           To: Eric M (roll)

Meeting Adjourned: Motion by: Guy M    Seconded by:  John C

 Approved (Y?N):  Y       Time:  20:06          Submitted by:  Dave C, sec