October 2023 Minutes


Date:  10/5/2023                Minutes Recorded By: Jackson Davis

Call to Order:  19:00            By:  Speedy K, pres

Pledge of Allegiance Called By:  

Roll Call: Volunteers on Roster:  31           Volunteers in Attendance:  16

                  Special Guests:   Gage Leabo


Reading of Previous Minutes:  Corrections:  None

Approval Motion by: Casey  Seconded by: Sam     Approved (Y/N):  Y


Treasurer’s Report:

Beginning Balance:   $35,975.89                             Approval Motion by:  CJ

            Deposits:                                  0.00                             Seconded by:  Miller

            Expenses:                        2,235.00                             Approved (Y/N):  Y

            Cash on Hand

            Ending Balance:          $33,740.56


Committee Reports:

  • Website: Great
  • Facebook: Fantastic
  • Shirt: See Speedy or Mike
  • Jacket:  “        “         “      “
  • Truck: Still waiting on parts
  • Bylaws: none
  • Safety: Stick around after the business meeting.


Station Representative Reports:                                                                               

Sta. 51:  New engine is online

Sta. 52:  T52 is at Sta. 54

Sta. 53:  Footing poured 10/5. Next week rocks to be poured. Possibly backup generator will be installed.

Sta. 54:  Station has been sprayed.



Old Business:

  • $1,000 allocated for picnic, fell short, need to allocate $651 more.


New Business:

  • Open house (Hallowe’en): $200 needs to be allocated. Motion for $250 by Leabo, seconded by Miller. Passed
  • New applications:
    • Sam, previous experience, works on better side of mill
    • David, has a phone number, CNA for 5 years


President’s Notes:

  • None


Staff Reports:

Training Officer:

  • Open House on 10/31.
  • Advanced training, Travis and Andy attending at Monroe
  • Engine committee met to decide on compartment utilization on new engine.
  • New training calendar posted
  • G-P tour next week
  • Watch for OSHA training emails, “touchy-feeling training”
  • Veteran’s Day parade Nov 10th
  • Academy starting this weekend
  • Nickel (Lebanon), Bridger (Albany) completed academy in each location
  • Home game Oct 6th
  • Road paving next week


Fire Chief:


Good of the Order:  $12.75             To: Mike

Meeting Adjourned: Motion by: Guy        Seconded by:  CJ

 Approved (Y?N):  Y       Time:  19:25          Submitted by:  Jackson D., sec pro tem