March 2023 Meeting Minutes


Halsey-Shedd RFPD Volunteer Associaction Meeting Minutes


                            March 2023



Date:  3/1/23                       Minutes Recorded By: D.Clark, sec

Call to Order: 19:00             By: Speedy K, prez.

Pledge of Allegiance Called By:  CJ Stoakes

Roll Call: Volunteers on Roster:  28           Volunteers in Attendance:  15

                  Special Guests:   


Reading of Previous Minutes:  Corrections:  None, this time.

Approval Motion by: Guy M.             Seconded by: John C.             Approved (Y/N):  Y


Treasurer’s Report:

Beginning Balance:   $ 36,174.58                            Approval Motion by:  John C.

            Deposits:                                    0.00                           Seconded by:  KC

            Expenses:                            709.14                            Approved (Y/N):  Y

            Ending Balance:          $ 35,465.44


Committee Reports:

  • Website: Still a work in progress, Nickel is still talking with Webmaster Vicky


  • Facebook: Stupendous


  • Shirt Committee: See Speedy with questions


  • Jacket Committee: middle weight jackets have been ordered by Bridger; Sean will be ordering more of the heavy jackets for new members. The suggestion was made that the Vol. Asso. should pay for the jackets. If the member leaves membership in less than 5 years they will give the jacket back. If they are in good standing they might be able to keep the jacket. The minimum time for receiving a jacket? 6 months was suggested. Discussion and ideas will be presented to the group for addition to the bylaws.

The motion was mad for the Assoc. to pay for jackets and add a section about jackets and shirts to the bylaws, as determined by the committee. Motion: John C, 2nd: CJ Stoakes. Passed.

  • Truck Committee: Eng. 56 will get attention by Jeremy when he has an opening in his schedule.


  • Safety: Stick around after the business meeting.


  • Computer Committee: discussion was made about possible uses of a computer, including secretary, treasurer and website alterations. The idea of getting a new computer (instead of used) received positive remarks. Research is ongoing.


Station Representative Reports:                                                                               

Sta. 51: Sorry, it is still here.

Sta. 52: No complaints tonight, the resident is keeping it mighty clean.

Sta. 53: Hanging in there by a thread.

Sta. 54: A new smoke alarm battery is needed, Sean will see to it.


Old Business:

  • The president reminds the members that Robert’s Rules of Order will be followed in all meetings. Members will wait to speak until called upon and proper procedure for motions will be followed. Wearing hats and/or not wearing a full uniform in the monthly business meeting will result in fines. Not following rules of orders will result in fines.
  • The Bylaws Committee will review and suggest revisions to the Bylaws to bring them up to date, including new committees and meeting rules/regulations. Committee members are John C, Dave C, Guy M, and our token paid staff Sean J.


New Business:

  • No new business reported.


President’s Notes:

  • Silas will cook next month.
  • Thanks for Mike M. for stepping up on short notice to get tonight’s dinner together.


Staff Reports:

Training Officer:

  • If you don’t take a TB test you must sign a waiver. This is a requirement for all of us. See Sean.
  • New training opportunities are on the board, check them out and see Sean.
  • Online training: we have to show OSHA it is getting done!  So please do your part and see Sean.
  • Fit test: the few people left to get it done need to coordinate with Sean.
  • EMS training: CVA class, you must register yourself (online). Don’t see Seab.
  • ICS 300/400 training in April, 1 week long you can take both classes or just one. See Sean.
  • Wildland class in May, S130 & 190; sign up with Sean if you need to take it.
  • Check your mask at least 1x/month; business meeting time is a perfect time.


Fire Chief:

  • Thanks for all who came to the Banquet and made it so special.
  • Happy birthday to all the March babies.
  • Thanks to Mike M. for stepping up and covering dinner; poor Eric M. is snowed in far away.
  • Station 53 report: The reconstruction still aims to start in June, engineers and contractor are ironing out the details. Still.
  • New rig report: the Fords and Engine 53 are all making progress towards being finished.
  • Run report, 2023 vs 2022: February – 37 vs. 22; Year – 61 vs. 58


Good of the Order:  $ 3.00              To: Mike M. (roll it!)

Meeting Adjourned: Motion by: Guy M.    Seconded by:  CJ

 Approved (Y?N):  Y       Time:  19:36          Submitted by:  Dave C, sec