February 2023 Minutes

Date:  2/2/23                       Minutes Recorded By: D.Clark, sec

Call to Order: 19:00             By: Speedy K, prez.

Pledge of Allegiance Called By:  Silas Miller

Roll Call: Volunteers on Roster:  27           Volunteers in Attendance:  18

                  Special Guests:   Dalton Tenbusch, turned in his application and was unanimously accepted.


Reading of Previous Minutes:  Corrections:  None, this time.

Approval Motion by: Eric M.            Seconded by: CJ         Approved (Y/N):  Y


Treasurer’s Report:

Beginning Balance:   $ 34,265.30                            Approval Motion by:  John C.

            Deposits:                          2, 261.00                            Seconded by:  CJ

            Expenses:                            351.78                            Approved (Y/N):  Y

            Ending Balance:          $ 36,174.52


Committee Reports:

  • Website: Still a work in progress, call Nickel with any questions


  • Facebook: No report


  • Shirt Committee: See Speedy with questions


  • Jacket Committee: the consensus of the group is that the names and position will be attached to the jacket.


  • Truck Committee: Eng. 56 will get attention by Jeremy when he has an opening in his schedule. Local farmers are very demanding.


  • Safety: Stick around after the business meeting.


Station Representative Reports:                                                                               

Sta. 51: Still here. Because of new insulation and heaters and general increased efficiencies the power bill is about ½ of what it was previously. Bully!

Sta. 52: The lights upstairs need some attention; for example, one of them is crooked.


Sta. 53: Someone has dug a hole by the footing. Chief Trav is taking the blame. The slab is officially deep.

Sta. 54: All is well. The gutters are clean.


Old Business:

  • No old business.


New Business:

  • OVFA dues are due, $225 for 27 members. Moved: CJ; 2nd: Eric M. Motion passed
  • OVFA conference in Roseburg, June 8-11.
  • LB Food Share is asking for a donation. The motion to donate was made by Becky and 2nd by Sylvia. The motion did not pass.
  • Treasurer’s computer needs to be replaced. CJ and Mike M. will research options and give their recommendation to the group. Motion to try and keep it under $1200 was made by Garret, 2nd by Guy. Motion passed.
  • Letter from local high school kids: Mr/Mrs Eagle pageant is starting and they are requesting a donation. Discussion ensued, recognizing the proceeds will benefit all county residents, not just Harrisburg. Motion made to donate $250 by KC, 2nd by Eli. Motion passed.


President’s Notes:

  • None


Staff Reports:

Training Officer:

  • Please get your online training done. Now.
  • Fire school is coming up.
  • Thank you for everyone who helped at the live fire training for Adair FD. They are very appreciative.
  • AO training is coming up, more info soon.
  • Next week Chief’s mystery drill starts at 6:30. Get there on time.


Fire Chief:

  • Happy B-day to all February volunteers
  • 24 runs for January, vs. 36 for the same time last year.
  • Annual banquet at Jeremy Ott’s shop will be January 24th, dinner at 6:30 but come early.
  • The new (Ford) pickups are here, just cab and frame. The beds are available and the equipment is on its way.
  • Station 53 reconstruction report: the construction is out for bids, due on 2/6. Board and staff will conduct a question/answer session of contractors who apply.
  • Reminder: drill next week will start at 6:30 and the incentive book will be completed and available.


Good of the Order:  $ 1.00              To: Dave C. (roll it!)

Meeting Adjourned: Motion by: Sam H.    Seconded by:  CJ

 Approved (Y?N):  Y       Time:  19:28          Submitted by:  Dave C, sec