January 2024 Meeting Minutes

Date:  1/4/24                       Minutes Recorded By: D. Clark, sec.

Call to Order:  19:00            By: J. Kropf, prez.

Pledge of Allegiance Called By:  CJ Stoakes

Roll Call: Volunteers on Roster:  30           Volunteers in Attendance:  18

                  Special Guests:   Mack Espinoza (Eli’s brother)

                                              Derrick (Travis’ friend)


Reading of Previous Minutes:  Corrections: 

Approval Motion by: CJ         Seconded by: Guy M.             Approved (Y/N):  Y


Treasurer’s Report:

Beginning Balance:   $ 32,557.58                            Approval Motion by:  Guy M.

            Deposits:                           6,456.73                            Seconded by:  CJ

            Expenses:                         3,965.92                            Approved (Y/N):  Y

            Cash on Hand

            Ending Balance:          $ 35,048.37


Committee Reports:

  • Website:  No report
  • Facebook: Still there and looking good
  • Shirt/Jacket: See Speedy or Mike M.
  • Truck: Waiting for a station to move into. Homeless.
  • Bylaws: Met tonight, will be plugging away.
  • Kitchen: Will do an inventory of utensils before next meeting.
  • Safety Meeting: Stick around after the business meeting.


Station Representative Reports:                                                                               

Sta. 51:  Splendiferous

Sta. 52:  Thriving

Sta. 53:  Hope in our hearts

Sta. 54:  Quintessential


Old Business:

  • None

New Business:

  • None

President’s Notes:

  • Waiting for 1st responder date @ CL High School (attend basket ball game)

Staff Reports:

Training Officer:

  • Please finish your on-line training or we will all be penalized!
  • Medical review questionnaire will need to be redone, tonight.


Fire Chief:

  • Happy Birthday to Speedy & Levi.
  • Call numbers (‘22/’23): 324/394 (year), 27/44 (December)
  • OSHA inspection went well, interviews were helpful, the dept. was paid many compliments.
  • Station 53: slab is poured and cured, walls and roof will be started next week. Huzzah!
  • Jan. 9th will see Lifepacks being tested by factory rep.
  • The annual banquet will be on 2/23 or 3/1, with a preference towards the latter.
  • Special guest Derrick does a lot of welding and is helping to get the Chief’s truck ready for action. He lives in Sweet Home and works in Halsey, so he might join the dept. down here.


Good of the Order:  $ 16.75           To: Eric Martin (roll it)

Meeting Adjourned: Motion by: Guy M.    Seconded by:  CJ S.

 Approved (Y?N): Y         Time:  19:19          Submitted by:  Dave C, sec