Burn Information

How to Burn Responsibly

Burning Debris Responsibly

Before burning outside, contact the Linn County Burn Line at 541-451-1904. This number will connect you with an automated message that is updated daily and informs you whether or not burning is allowed. If you are located in the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) overlap zone you are required to verify burn regulations through ODF.

Responsible Debris Burns

Review these tips to prevent your debris burn from starting a wildfire.
  • Instead of burning, chip, compost, or haul debris to a recycling center
  • Check with the Linn County Burn Line before you burn
  • Know the weather forecast
  • Burn only yard debris
  • Don't use gasoline or diesel to start your fire
  • Keep your burn pile small or use a burn barrel with a screen
  • Clear a 15-foot radius around your burn pile down to bare soil and away from overhead vegetation
  • Always have water and a shovel on site, and stay with the fire
  • Make sure your burn pile is completely out
  • Materials That Cannot be Burned at any Time

    DEQ regulations prohibit open burning of the following materials at any time, anywhere in the state of Oregon:
  • Rubber products, including tires
  • Asbestos products
  • Animal remains
  • Plastic
  • Wet garbage
  • Petroleum and petroleum-treated debris
  • Asphalt or industrial waste
  • Any material that creates dense smoke or noxious odors
  • Auto parts and wire insluation
  • This means the use of a tire, garoline, diesel, and other like products to ignite a fire is also prohibited. To ignite, we recommend covering the pile (or part of it if it's large) to keep it dry, then starting with paper and a match.

    For general questions about backyard burning and prohibited materials please use the DEQ link. All inquiries about burn regulations will be referred to the Oregon DEQ.