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Halsey-Shedd Fire District

The Halsey-Shedd Rural Fire Protection District covers over 110 square miles in Linn County, Oregon. We provide service to a wide range in our region, from rural farm land to a heavily traveled interstate. Our combination department of four stations is staffed by 35 volunteers, a paid chief, staff captain and district clerk. We are a dedicated and professional team committed to protecting lives and our communities, as well as providing education and prevention.

Our History

Starting in 1938

Halsey Rural FD was established in March of 1938. We had a single fire chief - Frank Gansel. Frank was chief until Halsey merged with Shedd in March of 1952. Both of these FD's operated off donations, and that continued once we were merged until 1985. If you would like to see more information regarding our history, and overall Fire Department history across the United States, please visit our History page.

The day Halsey Burned in 1903. This drove the local citizens to create a Fire Department. The blaze started on the afternoon of July 31 1903 and the next morning over 2 dozen warehouses and business were down to rubble.

Lacking a fiew department, local citizens (nearby communities) battled the fire with water soaked blankets (socks) and a bucket brigade. Albany answered the call for help by sending 100 volunteers and the city's lone fire engine by rail car. Alas, by the time everyone could arrive, the fire had already done the damage.

How Are The Calls Doing?

We closely monitor the number of calls we get, and compare them with last year. We average roughly 500 calls a year, both for Fire and EMS situations.

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